When Should Medical Professionals Refer Facial Paralysis Patients To Experts?

Improving Facial Symmetry With A Bell’s Palsy FaceliftWhen a person is dealing with overcoming facial paralysis, it can be an extremely stressful and trying time. It’s very common for individuals to suffer from a form of facial paralysis and not be completely aware that there are treatments that can help promote facial reanimation. As an expert in treating conditions relating to the facial nerve, Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, and director of the Facial Paralysis Institute in Beverly Hills, believes that medical professionals dealing with a patient suffering from Bell’s palsy or any other type of facial paralysis should refer individuals to an expert when treatments and prognosis of the condition are not improving.

Referring Facial Paralysis Patients

Knowing when to refer a patient to a facial paralysis expert like Dr. Azizzadeh is a very important aspect of helping to improve a person’s condition. Dr. Azizzadeh, a Harvard trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, believes that tell tale signs of when a person should be referred to an expert are as follows:

  • If the doctor does not have a master knowledge in the facial nerve and its function.
  • If no or very small improvements have been made in promoting facial reanimation for the patient.
  • If a cause of facial paralysis cannot be determined

If you’re a physician currently dealing with treating a patient with facial paralysis, understanding these three important aspects of referring an individual to an expert could greatly influence their chances of facial reanimation, ultimately improving their quality of life tenfold.

Treating Facial Paralysis in Beverly Hills

Depending on the type of facial paralysis a patient is experiencing as well as its longevity, there are a multitude of treatment options that Dr. Azizzadeh can utilize to help better facial symmetry and movement. For individuals who are dealing with Bell’s palsy, a usually temporary form of facial paralysis that tends to clear up on its own over several months, non-invasive facial fillers and Botox can help a patient achieve ideal results while waiting for their body to heal naturally. Because there is often a downward pull or droop associated with the disorder near the corners of the mouth, Botox works to relieve the facial muscles, allowing the pull to be lessened and drift upward.

A patient who may be experiencing long term or permanent facial paralysis may be an excellent candidate to undergo one of the several revolutionary surgical options offered by Dr. Azizzadeh at the Facial Paralysis Institute in Beverly Hills. Most recently, Dr. Azizzadeh has noted tremendous success with the performance of a surgical treatment known as a masseter to facial nerve transfer, a procedure in which the masseter nerve is surgically sutured together with the paralyzed facial nerve, bringing neural input to the nerve and muscles in the area. This is one of the best treatments known to date to help patients regain facial movement and smile once again.

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If you’re a individual dealing with the affects and stresses of Bell’s palsy or a doctor who believes a patient could receive beneficial treatments from expert facial paralysis surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh, we encourage you to contact the Facial Paralysis Institute by calling (310) 657-2203. Dr. Azizzadeh uses the most revolutionary techniques to help patients regain facial reanimation, both surgical and non-invasive. As one of the most highly regarded facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the world, Dr. Azizzadeh’s knowledge of both the function and aesthetics of the face bring patients a unique approach to overcoming the disorder.

For additional information about undergoing facial paralysis treatments with Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, contact our medical practice today.

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