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Overcoming the effects of facial paralysis is a long and difficult process. Dr. Azizzadeh and the staff of of The Facial Paralysis Institute know the importance that each step along the journey to facial reanimation has in a successful recovery. Our goal is to provide a physical therapy program that will help facilitate facial symmetry and improve facial paralysis. With the proper exercise and physical therapy, facial paralysis patients can recover some of their lost facial movement and regain the animation in their facial expressions. Whether your journey to facial reanimation includes surgery and physical therapy or just the therapy itself, our staff is committed to walking with you every step of the way.

Our customized physical therapy sessions are planned around each patient's personal prognosis and the severity of their condition to ensure the physical therapy program they receive at The Facial Paralysis Institute is tailored to address their specific needs. Dr. Azizzadeh and his staff utilize a number of techniques to help improve facial symmetry in facial paralysis. Here is an overview of some of what our physical therapy for facial paralysis patients can expect.

Neuromuscular Retraining (NMR) - entails subtle, but critically important exercises to teach and retrain your body to use its muscles more effectively and efficiently.

Manual Massage – a series of different massage techniques performed by our physical therapists on the muscles of the face to regain facial animation and balance on each side of the face

figure2 salivary glands During an initial consultation, Dr. Azizzadeh will discuss with you what your physical therapy treatment options are, explain to you how you can benefit from our physical therapy program and detail the prognosis and recovery that you can expect from the treatment. If you have been suffering from this life-altering condition, let Dr. Azizzadeh and his staff help you reanimate your life. Contact our office for consultation scheduling information.


Occupational Therapist Jackie Diels Explains Facial Muscular Retraining


If you would like to know more about physical therapy, schedule a consultation with Beverly Hills facial paralysis expert Dr. Azizzadeh by calling 888.470.6432 today!

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